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Spheres of activity

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Spheres of activity

Department of refrigerating and processing equipment

Following requirements market BRILLION Company opened a department of sale refrigerating and processing equipment (2004), which was reorganized in a subsidiary enterprise BRILLION TRADE (2006).

This department offers a whole complex of services including delivery, start-up of equipment for super-markets, public catering, bars, cafes, restaurants and shopping malls.

Department of automatics

The highly skilled employees of the department are engaged in development, delivery and installation of controlling equipment for any technological processes, and are capable to perform any task given by customers.

The service centre

Makes guarantee and after guarantee repair, and also maintenance of refrigerating equipment.


The department deals with design of the projects of any complexity and application, and also with installation of cold rooms using sandwich panels, «dry storehouses» both in existing spaces and under the shed. All the delivered equipment is supplied with spare parts. The latest technical developments of our enterprise are successfully implemented in a number of projects. They enable using the heat generated from refrigerating equipment for heating water or air up to 60єC. It conforms fully to energy-saving policy of Ukraine.

«Brillion» Company puts all its projects on the basis of the world?s leading manufacturers? newest developments of climatic equipment. The main success factors of the company are qualified staff, certified installers and service center workers.

BRILLION Company projects ground on the basis of the latest developments of the main world's manufacturers of the climatic equipment. Qualified personnel, certificated installers and employees of the service centre are the major factor of the company success.
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